CA Agricultural Heritage Club

The California Exposition & State Fair, the California Farm Bureau, California Grain & Feed Association and the California Farmer Magazine are pleased to co-sponsor the California Agricultural Heritage Club for farms, ranches, agribusiness enterprises and agricultural special interests.

The California Agricultural Heritage Club originally began in the 1940’s and was originally founded as The 100 Year Club. The club’s purpose is to recognize families, businesses and special agricultural interests that have maintained a financial responsibility in agriculture for at least a century. Special recognition was added in 2001 for those who have continued their operation 125 and 150 Years. This year we are giving special recognition for those who have continued their operation 175 Years. We believe these families and businesses deserve special recognition as the descendants of pioneer ranches, farms and agricultural enterprises. Together with special agricultural interests who produced, transported, sold food and fiber and provided special agricultural services during California’s formative years.

Entry deadlines and applications for 2013 to be posted:

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