Fair Info

2013 Main Gate Box Office Hours: Selling State Fair admission, Toyota Concert Series, July 4th Reserved Seats and Sacramento Mile.

  • Beginning Wednesday, June 26th: Racing Box Seats will be available for purchase.
  • Beginning Monday, July 1: Exhibitor Credentials, Levee Parking will be available for pick-up.
Monday, June 24        12pm-6pm
Tuesday, June 25       12pm-6pm
Wednesday, June 26   12pm-6pm
Thursday, June 27    12pm-6pm
Friday, June 28        12pm-6pm
Saturday,June 29     12pm-4pm
Sunday, June 30       12pm-4pm
Monday, July 1         12pm-6pm
Tuesday, July 2        12pm-6pm
Wednesday, July 3    12pm-6pm
Thursday, July 4    5pm-10pm (July 4th Sales Only)
Friday, July 5        12pm-6pm
Saturday, July 6    12pm-4pm
Sunday, July 7      12pm-4pm
Monday, July 8       12pm-6pm
Tuesday, July 9       12pm-6pm
Wednesday, July 10   12pm-6pm
Thursday, July 11    12pm-6pm (Last Day Advance Discount Tix)
Friday, July 12        9:30am-10pm (Opening Day State Fair)
Saturday, July 13    9:30am-10pm
Sunday, July 14       9:30am-10pm
Monday, July 15        10:30am-10pm
Tuesday, July 16        10:30am-10pm
Wednesday, July 17    10:30am-10pm
Thursday, July 18       10:30am-10pm
Friday, July 19        9:30am-10pm
Saturday, July 20    9:30am-10pm
Sunday, July 21       9:30am-10pm
Monday, July 22        10:30am-10pm
Tuesday,  July 23       10:30am-10pm
Wednesday, July 24    10:30am-10pm
Thursday, July 25        10:30am-10pm
Friday, July 26        9:30am-10pm
Saturday, July 27    9:30am-10pm
Sunday, July 28      9:30am-10pm

For additional information, please email boxoffice@calexpo.com, or call: (916) 263-FAIR

Hours of Operation

Fair Info

Directions & Parking

Entering the Fair

All handbags, backpacks, and bags are subject to search. Fairgoers are welcome to bring outside food and drink into the Fair. Ice chests will be searched at the entrances. No glass, aluminum cans, or outside alcohol are allowed. Paper and plastic containers of non-alcoholic beverages are allowed.

No firearm, explosives or sharp objects are allowed on Cal Expo grounds. No sales of firearms may be conducted on Cal Expo property unless processed through a licensed firearms dealer.


Cal Expo is the only exposition in the nation with a full-time, year-round police department. The Cal Expo Police Department acts under the same authority as any other police department in the State and its sworn personnel have statewide peace officer powers as specified in section 830.2(i) of the California Penal Code.

The Cal Expo Police Department is staffed by more than 330 peace officers and security guards and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The peace officers hail from 33 different law enforcement agencies throughout California and bring an accomplished and diversified set of skills to the department, including:

  • Bicycle, Mounted, Motorcycle, and Foot Patrol
  • Explosives
  • Gang Suppression/Probation
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Site Security
  • Crowd Control

The California State Fair Walk-Along program is an opportunity for community members to work hand-in-hand with the California Exposition & State Fair police officers at the California State Fair.  Walk-Alongs serve as community liaisons helping to solidify the relationship between law enforcement and the public.

Guest Services

Guest Services is located inside the Main Gate. If you are interested in daily rental of a stroller, wagon, wheel chair or electric cart, our Guest Services representatives will be happy to assist you.  To make a pre-fair scooter reservations, please visit:
Fair Info

Strollers: $10

Wagons: $15

Wheelchairs: $15

Scooters: $50 (after 6pm $35)
Lost Children and Lost & Found are also located at Guest Services, just inside the Main Gate entrance.

ADA Info: All State Fair gates, buildings, attractions, and restrooms are ADA accessible and referenced on the State Fair map. Locations of six charging stations are also identified on the map.

Free Speech

Fair History


  • 78 Fairs total are located throughout the Golden State
    • California Exposition & State Fair
    • 52 District Agricultural Agencies
    • 23 County/Non-Profit Fairs
    • 2 Citrus Fruit Fairs
  •  Annual Economic Benefits of Fairs in California:
    • $2.85 billion in spending
    • $856 million in wages
    • 25,223 full-time jobs
    • $127 million in state and local tax revenue
  • California is the nation’s top agricultural state, and has been for more than 50 years. Texas is a distant second and Iowa is third.
  • California produces half of the U.S.-grown fruits and vegetables!
  • California agricultural production is $32 billion annually!
  • California once again led the nation in milk production and produced 21.1 percent of the nation’s milk supply last year.
  • Livestock and poultry account for about 24% of California’s gross cash income, with a combined total of $9.8 billion!
  • The State Flower is the Golden Poppy!
  • The State Fish is the Golden Trout!